Equipment Videos

The following videos demonstrate some of the equipment that we have managed to repair and set to work over the last few years.

This B40D was very kindly donated by Bill Morris. Bill's late father, Ken, had bought the B40D over 30 years ago. It is thought that it had sat in Ken's loft for over 30 years. Surprisingly it was still in very good condition - a quick hoover out and making several spiders homeless, the re-alignment of the turret frequency selector and some tweaking to the AF valves brought it back to life.

The two pieces of equipment shown here are GNT 112 morse tape transmitters. The left hand one originally came from the HMS Mercury morse trainer circa 1950s and has a transmit speed range of 1 to 30wpm. The right hand machine is one of two that were rescued from the Corsham tunnels and is circa 1930's with a transmit speed range of 15 to 240wpm. The right hand machine was generally used to transmit morse code at around 100wpm to submarines where it was recorded onto tape and then slowed down to read it. These two machines were repaired using spares from the second machine recovered from Corsham. The middle piece of equipment is the Morse Trainer and the output from the GNT 112 (6v Mark 0v Space) has been connected to a relay switch to allow the output to be converted to audio morse. The GNT 112 is transmitting at approx 20wpm, although the speed has yet to be checked - this will be done once we have repaired the Creed Morse Tape Reperforator giving us the ability to produce a PARIS tape. The rumbling that can be heard is a bad bearing on the GNT 112 which will be replaced in due course.

TTVF(B) under test using a CJP as the receiver. This TTVF(B) and a TGN Teleprinter were donated to Dave Clutten who looks after HMS Ocelots' (Chatham Dockyard) Communications Office.

A CJP (donated by Kettering Sea Cadet Unit) brought back to life after many hours of work especially on the wiring loom. This set now sits in the museum providing the RATT input for the TTT and subsequent TGN. The RATT comes from DWD Hamburg which transmits a weather broadcast. The paramaters for reception are F1/170/1/50 with the audio being fed to a 'home made patch panel' to the TTT and onwards to the selected TGN. Two of the TGNs were donated by HMS Bristol and another 8 by Mick Rose, HMS Collingwood maintainer. All the TGNs were U/S (they had been used for maintainer training and had various faults applied to them) but with a great deal of help from Adrian Wright (Collingwood Historic Collection Museum) 8 of the TGNs were brought back to life.

This video is a demonstration of a simulated B11A Broadcast. This was achieved with the use of a laptop computer which was programmed to convert text files into an audio output which was then fed to the TTT and onwards to the TGN. The background RATT audio is actually being provided by the CJP receiving the DWD Hamburge weather broadcast.

This video is an example of Teleprinter Art. The picture of the Madonna and Child was created by enlarging a photograph of the original (thanks to Tom Stewart) and re-typing it. There is still a bit of work to be done on the shading before it looks perfect. We have several printed copies of various Teleprinter Art (Churchill, HM The Queen plus others) works and as time permits these will be converted to Teleprinter Art.