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There and Back

A voyage to the Far East in 1945 by Telegraphist Ken Sutton told in pictures.
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  Interspersed between the photographs is a narrative taken from the HMS LOCHINSH magazine entitled "Her Introduction to the Southern Hemisphere" written and produced by C.R. GREVES Yeoman of Signals and R.C. ARMSTRONG Petty Officer Telegraphist.


  This little booklet is an ordinary account of an ordinary "Little Ship's" passage to the Far East. Written by the men who sailed in her for the men who sailed in her. It depicts the Ship's feelings and experiences during the voyage. The "Crossing the Line" ceremony which occured during the period I had the honour to Command HMS " LOCH INSH", has been given in here in full and may be "Cribbed" by any other vessels at their peril.

Lieut-Comdr. R.N.
Mombasa, Kenya
5th. January 1946.