The photographs below are a mix of those held in the museum, those donated and those taken from Social Media (e.g. Facebook). In all cases the credit for each image goes to the original photographer(s). Clicking on an image will enlarge it and display any further information held on that image. If you think you can add to the information or correct anything then please email me at commsmuseum(AT)

  If you have photographs that you wish to donate then please also email a scan of them - the only stipulation is that they must be associated with the RN Communications Branch in some way. You are more than welcome to copy the images and if you wish to have a copy with the museum logo removed then please get in touch.

  I would ask if you download photos for publication elsewhere then please give a mention to this site. Finally please remember that HMS Mercury ran a course year from April to April and numbered its courses accordingly. For example a course starting in say Dec 1981 and finishing in June 1982 would have a course number under 1981 and a course starting in January 1982 and finishing in say Aug 1982 would also have a course number of 1981.


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Photographs by Year

Ships Crests HMS Mercury
Building of
Leydene House
Colin Johnstone
SCU Leydene
(Sale of)
Memories of
Fred Harder
Jeff Dykes Photograph Album ThereUpdated
and Back
W/T Training School
Brighton 1942 to 1945
and beyond
Gosport Commcen Memories of
Peter Chamberlain<
Memories of
Michael 'Spud' Murphy<
Mercury from above and below Fort Southwick
from the air
WRNS Photographs CHC Photos
Mount Wise

Course Photographs

General Photographs

1900 to 1949 1950 to 1969 1800 to 1909 1910 to 1949 1950 to 1959
1970 to 1975 1976 to 1979 1960 to 1965 1966 to 1969 1970 to 1970
1980 to 1985 1986 to 1989 1971 to 1972 1973 to 1974 1975 to 1976
1990 to 1992 1993 to 1996 1977 to 1978 1979 to 1982 1983 to 1983
1997 to 2000 2001 to 2010 1984 to 1985 1986 to 1991 1992 to 1996
2011 to 2020 2021 to 2030 1997 to 2004 2005 to 2020 No Year
No Year

In response to several requests for some form of index to surnames the following is a 'beta' version of the Surname Index for Course Photographs. The index has been created by using an OCR scanner on the relevant photographs. The resulting index has only had a cursory check and it is recommended that when looking for a particular surname that you bear in mind possible different spellings. For example the surname DODD may also have been spelt DODDS on some photographs, or BENNETT may have been spelt BENNET. The absence of a surname does not mean that there isn't a photograph of that person,as there are many photos that we do not have information for. If you spot any errors or can add information to a particular photograph then please let me know.

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