Equipment restored or awaiting restoration

  Two of our latest projects were the restoration of a Great Northern Telegraph (GNT) Undulator Model 309 - Project Undulator and the refurbishment of a 1920's receiver - Project Outfit CJ. Both of these items are rare, especially one's that are in working order. With the Undulator we had our work cut out as we had no supporting documents, manuals, diagrams etc. The Outfit CJ was slightly different, in that although we had some supporting documentation we started with a lot of broken parts which had to be remade. To see how we progressed on both of these projects click in the images below.

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  On the latest road trip down to RNAS Yeovilton we managed to save a good haul of communications equipment from the 'skip'. The following photos are of just a few of the bits of 'kit' recovered. Now the job of seeing if we can get it all working starts.

B21A Undergoing some TLC
B21A Undergoing some TLC
B21A Undergoing some TLC
Receiver R208
Tx 618/619 Rx CAS/CAT
Auto Alarm SQA
Clockwork Undulators
HRO + Power Supply
Emergency Tx 6D
FM 16
Receiver R500
Transceiver TCS
Transmitter Type 52

  A great deal of equipment was rescued from the old WWII Communications Centre situated in the underground tunnels at Corsham. If you wish to see more information and photos of these tunnels then Google Burlington Mines - look at Area 21. Many pieces of the equipment have now been restored and can be seen working in the museum. The following will undergo restoration as and when time permits. As can be seen the equipment has rust patches (some heavy) and concretion has formed on some parts especially the wiring. Next stage is to try and obtain any documentation and maintenance manuals before restoration starts.

Creed Model 7P
Creed Model 7TR/3
Creed Model No IT/2
Creed 75