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  The following are a selection of photographs that were held in the museum and published on the CHC website. They have now been transferred to the Communications Branch website. They depict Officers who trained during WW2 in either RADAR or WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY at HMS COLLINGWOOD or the SIGNAL SCHOOL which was situated in the Dockyard (in the vicinity or RNDQs - now (at the time of writing) the RM Band Headquarters) and which was originally an integral part of the HMS VERNON, the torpedo school. In 1941 the SIGNAL SCHOOL re-located to HMS MERCURY, Leydene in 1941
.   Many were photographed by Wright and Logan of 1A Albert Road, Southsea, Hampshire, and all have a photographer's number on the back of the photograph card onto which the print was mounted.

  Additionally, there were other photographs which recalled days gone by in HMS COLLINGWOOD. Also included is a small file, hardly relevant here, but once written there wasn't an obvious place on the site to put it. Communication Officers Training in the 1950s
  If you think that you know a face and you wish to have a copy of the photograph then please get in touch with the Curator. He will tell you the cost and the procedure involved. The money received will be used to bolster our frugal funds
  To start off, the story of ELECTRICAL TRAINING which pre-dated HMS COLLINGWOOD can be found here Electrical Training

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Barbara St-Clair Fowles

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Please note that all exhibit photographs were taken prior to the CHC closing