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The British North Greenland Expedition was a British scientific mission, led by Commander James Simpson RN, which lasted from July 1952 to August 1954. A total of 30 men took part, though not all stayed for both years.

The purpose of BNGE was primarily to carry out scientific studies in glaciology, meteorology, geology and physiology, Gravimetric and seismological surveys were made, and radio wave propagation was also studied from their station codenamed "North Ice". It also provided information useful to the Armed Forces about operating in Arctic environments, and the majority of the team were serving members. Travel over the icecap was either on foot, by dog sled, or by M29 Weasel tracked vehicles (expedition members also made pioneering ascents in the Barth Mountains and Dronning Louise Land.

The members of the expedition were:

Captain Michael Edward Borg Banks, Royal Marines, Officer in Charge of a vehicle team.
Instructor Lt Cdr Richard Brett-Knowles, BA, Royal Navy, Assistant Scientist and Radio Officer, Second Year.
Lt Francis Richard Brooke, Royal Navy, Surveyor.
Colin Bruce Bradley Bull, PhD, BSc, Geophysicist and Senior Scientist, Second Year.
Chief Petty Officer Herbert Randle Dean, Senior Radio Operator.
Lt Angus Bruce Erskine, Royal Navy, Officer in Charge of sledge dogs,
Edward Owen Jones, Chief Officer, Merchant Navy, Officer in Charge central ice-cap station, and vehicle team.
Harold Lister, Senior Glaciologist.
Surgeon Lt John Potter Masterton, MB, ChB, Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, Medical Officer.
Ronald William Moreton, Chief Officer, Merchant Navy, Stores and Equipment Officer.
Staff Sergeant John William Oakley, Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Vehicle Mechanic.
Instructor Lt Graham Rollitt, BA, Royal Navy, Meteorologist and Second in Command, Second Year.
Commander Cortland James Woore Simpson, DSC, BSc, Royal Navy Expedition Leader.
Petty Officer Telegraphist Kenneth Earl Taylor, Radio Operator.
Peter Francis Taylor Assistant Glaciologist.
Peter John Wyllie, Geologist.