Not like Invergordon but a Mutiny for all that!

HM S/M Auriga's 1962 - 1964 Commission

Written by Godfrey Dykes

© RN Communications Branch Museum/Library

Auriga underway in ice

Auriga on surface in ice in Cabot Straits

Auriga, forward seaman's mess. Busy writing home because they had been told that mail would be taken off the submarine by a Canadian destroyer. Another of the boats Sparkers, Peter Clothier, is in his bunk at the far end.

Auriga. John [with set] and an oppo sitting on top of the boats sailfin in Halifax Harbour. Beyond is the Angus L McDonald Bridge which connected Halifax with Dartmouth. Inboard the bow of another British 'A' boat, and forward, a Canadian warship

John [set less] taken inboard in the Halifax Canadian Barracks HMCS Stadacona where victualled members of the crew were accommodated when the boat was in harbour.

An Argus anti submarine aircraft of the RCAF flying over ice, exercising with the Auriga.