Models of HMS Invincible and HMS Sheffield.

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  The two models below were donated to the museum by Mrs Kathryn Hodder. They were built by her late husband Terry (from Bristol) who was a prolific model builder for many years. His passion was building mainly aircraft but his main love was ships. He wished that these two models be donated to a museum and thanks to Tim Jenkins the RN Communications Branch Museum/Library was the lucky recipient. Both models are fully radio controlled with HMS Sheffield having a rotating radar, working Port and Starboard lights and various alarms. HMS Invincible plays a recording of the Royal Marine Band and also has various other sounds e.g. Action Stations alarm. The next task is to find a suitable venue to demonstrate the models.
  Update - 7 October 2019.

Thanks to Adrian Wright and the Fareham Model Engineers Club who have kindly allowed us to use their purpose built model boating lake we took the model of HMS Sheffield for a trial run. The main aim was to ensure that she floated and was weighted correctly. At this stage we weren't ready to power up the Sheffield's motors - that will come later after a few tweaks have been made to the Radio Control settings and then a more comprehensive test will be undertaken.. As can be seen from the photos and very short video below all went well on its first 'sea trials'.

Update 7 July 2021
HMS SHEFFIELD Sea Going Trials
  Since February 2020 the museum has been closed to museum staff and visitors alike. This has been due to the necessary Covid restrictions imposed by HMS Collingwood. Thankfully the restrictions for museum staff have been relaxed so that we can at least access the museum and its library. However, the restrictions on visitors remain in force. As you will appreciate, after a 14 month absence there was a plethora of work to do but it was decided that the first priority was to complete the final tweeks on the radio controlled model of HMS Sheffield. Today Adrian (Wright) an I took the model to the Fareham Model Engineers Club purpose built boating lake and this is the video.

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We will soon be concentrating on getting the HMS Invincible model into the water - watch this space