Communication 'Snippets'

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The White Ensign


These two Ensigns are held in a suitable container in the museum and are available for loan to the families of those ex communicators that cross the bar. A small brass tally will be added to the lid of the container thus providing a lasting memory of those that have Crossed the Bar.

Casing Party 'hated' Sparkers
Communication Snippets - in no particular order
Aerial Party on Strike Carrier American VLF Site - or was it? Bunting Tossers Callsigns/Pennant Nos 1891-1964 Cold War Machine Cryptography
Comms Branch Coterie Comms Branch Management Comms. Chronology Cryptography Days pre Wireless Comms
Early Days of the Comms Branch Flags and Signalling 1901 Flying the White Ensign In Memory Jutland and its Communicators
Keeping Secrets Maintaining W/T Equipment Malta all 'Comms' together Morse Reception Exercises Mountbatten's Signalling Lamp
Origin of The Communicator Phonetic Alphabet Interesting Radio C/S 1930 - 1931 Rugby Transmitter Satellite Comms
Signalmen & Telegraphist Badges Signals sent by a Submarine Radio C/S 1891 - 1964 Pennant Numbers for 1944 Sparks and Sparkers
Stern Flags Suez War - Comms Overview Suez War - CTF 345 and CTF 311 Radio C/S beginning with 'B' The Days pre Wireless Comms
The Golden Morse Key The Story of RATT Part 1 The Story of RATT Part 2 The Versatile Telegraphist Marconi Advert
V/S by Infra-Red Light 20th Century Pre WW1 W/T WaT not WHAT W/T in the RN circa 1901 World Communications
History of Semaphore Radio Receivers Radio Transmitters Jackson of the Defiance A suitable W/T Fit
Preston E. Willson (Tugg) FAA of the 1960s RF Bands in 1913 P A R I S HMS Mauritius
Satellite Trials HMS Wakeful Samuel Morse Chief Wren C.E. Gilbert Satellite Communication Trials Portishead Radio
Communicators 1913 Equal Speed Charlie London V/S Sewing Machine Flags, Colours, Ensigns, Bunting Buzzers and Biffers
HMS Belfast 1958 Red, White, Blue Ensigns Submarine Aerials A' Class Boat Radio Fit
H.I.J.M.S. Kongo HMS Aphrodite The Europa Story HM Signal School (Pt1) HM Signal School (Pt2)
ACPs Extant 1977