Equipment awaiting refurbishment

All this equipment was rescued from the old WWII Communications Centre situated in the underground tunnels at Corsham. If you wish to see more information and photos of these tunnels then Google Burlington Mines - look at Area 21. The equipment has slight rust patches and concretion has formed on some parts especially the wiring. Next stage is to try and obtain any documentation and maintenance manuals before restoration starts.

Creed Model 7P keyboard perforator. Note there is no printed copy with this model so the operator had to be accurate in his/her typing. Surprisingly this one looks in reasonable condition but we will have to wait until it it stripped down to ascertain its real condition.

Creed Perforator Model 9W No 40 DV 52/1 Serial No 9496T - similar to the Creed Model 7 - more research is required. Like the Creed Model 7 the operator had to be accurate as there was no printed copy.

The Model 7 range of teleprinters did not include a facility to send via paper tape. This was achieved by the use of the 6S tape reader. This pair both have slight rusting but hopefully we can at least refurbish one using parts from the other.

GNT Tape Transmitter with Speed Regulator Model 2042 – Great Northern Telegraph Company Limited No 84284 – XMTR Wheatstone M.D. 110 – 160 v dc.

Creed – Model 7TR/B Serial No 661 – 2/C.G. & T./46/2 with cover on.

Creed – Model 7TR/B Serial No 661 – 2/C.G. & T./46/2 with cover off.

Creed UK Pat Nos 164370 184558 Model No IT/2 Serial No 2371 - No. I.T. Morse tape printer, 1925

Creed Model 7TR/3 Serial No 3610 Reperforator No 2 51/1

Still researching this one. It is believed to be either a GNT Reperforator Model 451 or a GNT Regenerator Model 1410 for the regeneration of Morse signals.