Publications/Manuals held in the museum
all in PDF format.

ACP 113 AF

Callsign Book for Ships - also see Signal Letters for British Ships

ACP 113 AG

Callsign Book for Ships

ACP 121 F

Communications Instructions General (U) - 1983

ACP 125 F

Communications Instructions Radio Telephone Procedures - 2001

ACP 127 G

Communications Instructions Tape Relay Procedures - 1988

ACP 130

Communications Instructions Signalling Procedures in the Visual Medium - 1996

ACP 130

Communications Instructions Signalling Procedures in the Visual Medium - 2005

ACP 131 E

Communications Instructions Operating Signals - 1997

ACP 131 F

Communications Instructions Operating Signals - 2009

B28/CR100 Series Receiver

B28/CR100 Technical Manual T1868_1

BR 333

Summaries of Radio Equipment (Ships and Shore Stations)

BR 1565

Handbook for Type 618/CAS

BR 1617

Handbook for AP 57140 Series Receiver B40


Handbook for Type 619/CAT

BRd 3

BRd 3 Chapter 39 V3 June 2016


Callsigns/Signal Letters for British Ships


CAFOS on WT and Radar 1946

Pennant Numbers

Visual Pennant Numbers

ITU Regs

ITU Radio Regulations - 2012


Admiral Home Popham Telegraph Signal Book - 1806

Signal Manual

The Seamans Signal Manual

Signal Reminder

SELAS Pocket Signal Reminder


The Colour of the Fleet


Handbook for Teleprinter TGN


Acronyms and Abbreviations


Ship's Callsigns 1950 and 1970


HMS Mercury Captains

The Citadel

Some History of Commcen Whitehall


The Dolphin Code


Evolution of Signalling by Flags - Lt Cdr Dempsey RN HMS Mercury

Fort Southwick

Commcen Fort Southwick - layout, key to rooms and a couple of photos

Royal Navy

How to join the Royal Navy - a small booklet - circa 1920/30s


For the historians. This document details the sale of the Leydene Estate and covers the lands and farms surrounding HMS Mercury. The document is accompanied by numerous large maps of the area but are two large to scan.

HMS Loch Lomond

1959 to 1961 Programme - for photo of Comms Staff see Photographs 1962


Orders for Marching Manoeuvres around HMS Mercury


Mutiny at Portsmouth Barracks

RFA Fits

Merchant and RFA Equipment Fits

HMS Curacoa

The collision between HMS Curacoa and RMS Queen Mary


Transcript of the discussions on the title "Naval Signalmen" - House of Lords/Commons 1958

HMS Mercury

A brief history of HMS Mercury by Chris Rickard

HRH Visit

Visit of HRH Prince Charles 24th July 1981

X Code

Instructions for the use of X-Code by Chris Rickard

Imperial 55 Typewriter

Maintenance book for Imperial 55 Typewriter

Biblical Quotations

Biblical Quotations

Phonetic Alphabet

Phonetic Alphabet 1921 to Present Day

Sig Christopher

Documents that accompanied the photos of Signalman Robert William Christopher


Extract from HMS Glamorgan's PWO Diary


Signal declaring surrender of Argentinian forces


German, Italian and Japanese U-Boat Casualties during the War - Statistical Statement


Signal declaring surrender of German forces


German, Italian and Japanese U-Boat Casualties during the War - Particulars of Destruction


A poem from an "Islander"


Adoption of Mechanical Cryptography in the Navy - Report 1914


The History of Semaphore"